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David Archuleta (davidarchie) – Photo from before the mission


David Archuleta (davidarchie) – Writing something pretty exciting here with @dustinonline and @stephaniemabey


Brogan Kelby – It was great having David Archuleta and Dean Kaelin over in the studio today. Two great and very talented people. #music #studio #davidarchuleta #deankaelin


David Archuleta (davidarchie) – It’s amazing to be a tío! Meet my little niece Violeta 🙂


David Archuleta (davidarchie) – These are my sister’s, but I thought I’d try seeing the world differently.


Listen to all the preview songs from BEGIN. including some pics

Source: http://soundcloud.com/officialdavidarchuleta – OfficialDavidArchuleta on SoundCloud

David Archuleta wearing Civic Duty’s Illumination in White

Photo credit: Civic Duty Philippines

@kariontour@FODFansofDavid look what I saw at Deseret Book today! I pre-ordered my CD so now I’m ready to BEGIN 🙂

Photo credit: @Davidsballerina