Membership & Code Of Conduct


 All Filipino David Archuleta fans are eligible for membership in PinoyArchies. To become a member, an individual must fill out the PinoyArchie Membership Form HERE and attest agreement of the PinoyArchies Code of Conduct.

PinoyArchies Leadership Team, at its discretion and in the best interest of the organization, may consider petitions for membership by other individuals which do not meet the above criteria but have the potential to contribute to the advancement of PinoyArchies and its members.

Code of Conduct.

  • Maintain honesty and integrity; avoid actual or apparent conflicts of interest in personal and professional relationships.
  • Respect the confidentiality of information acquired in the course of one’s work except when authorized or otherwise legally obligated to disclose.
  • Bring all violations of this Code of Conduct to the attention of the PinoyArchies administrator.
  • Be accountable for adhering to this Code.

15 thoughts on “Membership & Code Of Conduct

  1. i’ve been a fan of Archie for some years but this is the first time i’ve learned about this official fans club of him… i know. shame on me.
    but still, i would want to be a member…
    i tried to click on the link for the membership form but i think the link is already broken…
    i hope someone could fix that soon. i want to be an official PinoyArchie! 😀

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