Archustuffs Selling Rules

Rules regarding Archustuff selling on TPA Facebook Group:

1. Transactions should be made directly to the TPA admins.

2. Sample of items should be presented to the TPA admins with its corresponding numbers and prices for approval.

3. If approved, items should be readily available and be brought to the Pinoy Archies Headquarters prior to announcement of selling / auction.

4. The items with the corresponding prices annd the shipping fee will be announced on the TPA site. In case the sold items will be collected personally, shipping fee will be waived.

5. Mode of payment will be indicated.

6. Names of the members including the number of items purchased will be posted on the TPA site. Shipping will done at the soonest time possilbe. Please include your full name, full address and contact number for shipping purposes. The buyer will be informed if the shipping has been done.

7. TPA admins reserve the right to delete posting of items not properly approved nor endorsed by the TPA admins.

8. Unsold items will be returned to the owner.

We are making this announcement to discourage possible scammers on our site. We value each member and we want to protect the interest of each member.

For any inquiries/ transactions please PM TPA admins on Facebook :
Bess de Guia, Wilson Eraldo, Sarah Sy, Shad MoralesJayson Pineda

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