Happy Mother’s Day Mommy Lupe <3

David and Mommy Lupe

One of my greatest heroes and role models; She has been an example to me; has shown me the power of unconditional love, of faith, and of being strong in both good and bad times. She has supported me in big decisions to become the person I want to become, and shows her trust in me. I couldn’t ask for a more amazing mom. Thank you for all that you do to inspire to be all I can. I love you! te amo mamá!!!

David Archuleta Returning Home From His Mission In April

From DisneyDreaming.com

David Archuleta April 2014

David Archuleta left on his Mission in April 2012. The mission was set to run for 2 years, so we are under the assumption that David is set to return this April 2014.

April seems SO far away since it is just January, but we are beyond excited to welcome David back, and we have our fingers crossed that he has some new music for his fans this year.

Below you can watch David’s farewell video that he recorded for his fans late in March 2012. Here’s what David posted along with the emotional video below:

Just one more vlog from home for a while before I leave on my mission. It has been an emotional week with family and friends. Just wanted to thank all of you for the support you have giving me for the last 4 years. Will see you all in 2 years.

A Letter from Shad to TPA Family

I am truly blessed to be friends with the most thoughtful and genuine people on this planet. A gazillion thanks will never be enough to tell each and everyone of you how grateful I am for the very warm reception you guys gave me last Saturday. My endless thanks to Tita Bess for being the perfect host to the GREATEST PARTY EVER!

May Joy, Love, Peace, and Good Health be with all of us this 2014.
Happy New Year to all!!

Shad Morales

David Archuleta 23rd Birthday Celebration: The Deets 0.2


I know we’re all excited for this, so here are the details for David’s birthday celebration. 🙂

Here’s how to register:

1. Your Full Name
2. Choose A or B

  • A) if you are going straight to the venue (Tita Bess’ House)
  • B) if you will take the bus ( the bus will leave at exactly 12noon and will go straight to the Home for the Elderlies for the singing of Star ng Pasko)

**for those who will choose option B, here are the details for the meet up:

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