Hello everyone!

Can you believe it has been a year since this last request? Once again, I am asking for your help in letting your readers or facebook friends know about the birthday book. Last year, and with your help, it contained almost 1200 signatures! Thanks so much for helping make this happen. Shelley and her printer really did a great job in the final book. Joanie created the cover and final page. Hope you got to see it:

How great would it be if this year’s book had at least that many? On the verge of 2014, it would speak loudly and clearly about the meaning of #DA2014 . And the fact that these messages come from fans worldwide is a reflection of his worldwide support! The card has 300 signatures today; I hope you can help increase this by posting on your sites, facebook page and in promoting.

Shelley is asking that everyone sign before 12 midnight Central Time (midnight CDT), Friday, October 4th, to give enough time for binding into a book like she did last year. This is two weeks earlier than last year’s deadline due to the time needed to create the book.

In addition, Shelley is asking for a group pic of a fan event or meet up that has occurred recently and Shelley will include them in the book. Tweet your pic to @Shell_eeeyyy or email it to her at Same deadline.

Thanks for your support and have a great fall/spring for our friends in the southern hemisphere!

Mary Lou (Pastel)

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