A Message From our TPA Mother, Tita Bess aka @archiecrusher

To my BELOVED TPA FAMILY… in a little while, year 2012 will be over. Year 2012 started with a Big Bang for us …” DAVID is coming back to Manila”. Everyone was so eager beaver with this news. We all got lost with our own world and suddenly we all got transformed into the the world of NANDITO AkO,, Josh Bradley. It was good 6 -week DA event… fun, excitement, stalking moments, sleepless night, frustrations, endless texting, GMs, FB, Twits,and most especially, gaining more friends…

Then… the world of reality set in. If there’s Hello, there’s always Good – bye. David had to go into his mission to fulfill the inner desires in his heart. No matter how our hearts melted, each of us shedding our bucketful of tears… still, our love for him did not fade. That, my archukids, is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. We are willing to support him in all his endeavors…whatever, whenever, wherever..

Our TPA life is like a roller coaster with all its ups and downs. . Many members have gone thru several pains and struggles, but the TPA has always kept them alive… giving them the necessary comfort and consolation. We have always stayed together as ONE BIG SOLID FAMILY despite so many barriers and that is the test of authentic love.

Thru the months, our membership is ever growing. Just like Honey, we attract Bees. It is because Pinoy Archies is making a name by itself… known for its solidarity, friendship and LOVE for one another. Let no one put asunder in this FAMILY. We will stand all together… side by side… through good times and bad times. We will still have the same battle cry ” WE WILL BE WAITING FOR ELDER ARCHULETA#2014″

I am just so honored and privileged that I have given you my own gift of Love. This year will be ending with good and lasting memories, .. the David Archuleta 22nd Bday celebration.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to my TPA Family, Archucouncil, Shad Morales…
Let us all welcome 2013 with BIG HUGS !!!… Catch my “kiss”

Much love .. TITA BESS

“So that in all things God may be Glorified”

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