We’re sure a lot of you are stoked to know what transpired during the Forevermore Expanded Edition Buyout–We’re more stoked to share, so let’s start. 🙂

Last Saturday was very unusual because the attendees were not as many as what was expected due to the sudden announcement of the day of the buyout–but hey, that didn’t stop the Archulove from burning. 🙂

The usual was, we laughed, talked and goofed around as if we were little kids.

With the games, guess the David song, Pose a la Album Art and Sing Like David–who wouldn’t? 🙂

The latecomers were announced and asked to sing impromptu. Everyone literally had to leave their shyness at home, and that’s what made it more fun. 🙂

Last, but definitely not the least, we watched THE FULL MUSIC VIDEO OF RAINBOW 2.0!!! AMAZING IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT.  🙂

If you think this has been exciting, wait til we celebrate our D’s birthday–you know what to expect. 🙂

Photos by: Jayson Pineda, Jeramy Alonzo, Ericka Caacbay, Ronald Ruiz and Glecerie Capacete

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