David’s mom Lupe talks about BEGIN. and David

The article was posted in Spanish on Okespanol, but this is the Google translation. Thanks, @pabuckie.

Archuleta continues to amaze

The fruits of the efforts of the musical star, David Archuleta, weeks before going to provide a proselytizing mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, came to light this past week.

This is his latest, which was recorded weeks before taking the missionary training center.

With this album, Archuleta, gives a gift to his followers and strengthens their love and passion for music and its appreciation.

“It was hard work that it required a great effort,” said Lupita Mayorga, mother of musical idol. “He gave all his efforts and his whole heart.”

He worked long days, not just memorizing the songs, but each practice, as his mother says, rehearsing until his voice gave him no more. “For him it was very important to make this gift to his beloved public and remind them that love music and never will. That he will keep singing, “says his mother, very proud of the fruits of labor of his son.

Lupita recognizes that David is a very responsible young man and would do anything to achieve their goals.

“Besides being a very responsible young, very talented, and that helped him in this great task, which I did not know like,” he adds.

Lupita is very exalted of the decision that your child took, because it is a once in his life and although she misses him, he knows what is best for him.

“Very soon, when his mission, we will have him back among us singing, because music is his life.”

The album

The songs on the CD, were chosen very carefully by Archuleta, in order to be a source of inspiration, hope and spiritual connectivity.

The new album contains popular songs such as “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan, “Bridge Over Trouble Water” by Simon & Garfunkel, “In the Name of Love U2 and a song that never before heard, written by Archuleta himself, called “Broken”.

“Fans will be delighted to hear David in a totally new, while others will gain a deeper appreciation of this talented young man,” says producer Kurt Bestor.

He said a voice like Archuleta appears so infrequently, that more than 30 years of organization and production for singers, has only met a couple that even comes close.

“What really surprised me and amazed me was how David was able to do these songs with people as diverse, and can not be compared, although they have been written and sung by a disparate group of singers in a wide variety of styles, his voice wonderfully merged each of the styles and songs.

According to Archuleta’s vlogs, (pre-recorded videos before he left), the new album has songs that are relaxing, enjoyable to listen to because he wanted as he entered this new phase of his life, his fans would understand the reason for their decisions , and why are they so important in your life.

His followers

As soon as the album was available to the public, comments flooded social networking. Comments like, “I can not stop listening to” BEGIN. “David … I definitely loved it! Thank you very much for this wonderful gift. I can feel the feelings of your heart and passion in each of the songs. Truly, you’ve spoiled your fans. “

Another comment says it’s an album that has filled your heart, and that has motivated him to do something beneficial to anyone.

David Archuleta’s voice continues to amaze. It’s impressive how he could capture their emotions and feelings through the lyrics of different songs that are playing.

David to his followers

Wow, I can not believe that the release date of the album “BEGIN.” has finally arrived!

There was so much to do in so little time, but I needed to let my fans know how much this album means to me. It is certainly an album that has been made against all odds, but made for people who have meant so much to me, and one way, so to speak, to bring them to live in the moment in which I am currently. These songs have a reason behind them, and I hope that through this album can better understand why I’m here in my mission.

Many thanks to all who give me their support. I hope you can feel the heart that is in each of these songs!

credit to DAV

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