To my fellow Archies, please DO NOT POST/UPLOAD any videos of the full songs on BEGIN. You see, if you do that, there is a great chance that BEGIN. will get less sales because people will just rely on those videos and convert them. As I have said before, THE MORE YOU POST/SHARE, THE LESS THE SALES BECOME. I hope that you know that video conversion is a form of piracy, and THERE IS NO WAY that we are supporting that. Another is sending gifted song files. You have only been gifted. Meaning, it is for your own listening experience only. Forwarding those files to everyone paves way to less sales because when you forward, you do not pay for it. Lastly, do not purchase pirated CDs. We all know that it is much cheaper, but it can never compare to what the original ones have to offer. When you buy pirated CDs, you recognize the unnecessary ability of those copying machines. It is David’s hard work–not ours. David should be the first beneficiary of the sweat and blood that he has offered just to finish this album on time. He could’ve spent his time with his family and friends or used it for other things, yet he chose to devote it to us. Let us return this favor by giving him what he deserves. Besides, there are other ways to obtain his album–buying, gifting and waiting. Let us not be selfish. It is not about us; it is about David. I hope I get my point across. Remember that we are always one with you. Take care and God bless.

P.S. We strongly encourage video uploaders of the full songs to pull their videos off/delete them. Thank you.

To promote for BEGIN. what you can do is to post vids of the snippets (because it is noticeable on Facebook) and write in the description how beautiful it is, so that everyone will be interested to click and listen to your link and eventually buy BEGIN. Thank you. 🙂


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