Eula Caballero (Holly) Loves Pinoy Archies :)

@rOmel_aRchie tweetpic

Thank You so much @oheulacaballero for having a time with ur fellow Archie fan..
It was a dream come true for me that I meet u personally..
We LOVE YOU so much!!!! missing @DavidArchie too.. #DA2014

Eula and Romel

TV5 Manila set a Grand Fans day at the Smart Araneta on August 3, 2012 yES!! its a FREE ADMISSION 

First thing comes to my mind..THIS IS MY CHANCE TO MEET HOLLY..hahaha..
August 5, 2012 i decided to tweet Holly that I wanna see her tomorrow at the event wearing my #DA2014 Shirt..NO reply for my tweet I know that she is sleeping that time coz we the Pinoy Archies are trending DAVID ROCKS THE OLOGY yeah it reach the #8 spot I’m so happy..

Around 7:00am I wake up smiling and excited coz I know this Sunday is gonna be an EPIC!!! Heavy Rains are pouring down outside the house but I’ll never give up..
I gonna go to the EVENT..coz I know I’m crossing my fingers I gonna see her personally..

I decided to call my brother..You know his my photographer hahaha..
We been at the Araneta around 9:30am
Theres a lot of fans out there but my eyes looking for someone..ITS EULA..haha I dont know but I’m so excited to see her the venue I’m so proud wearing my #DA2014 t-shirt..because DAVID ROCKS!!! anywhere!! haha

Then the program announcer Mr. Fu called the TV5 Princess Danita Paner,Arci Munoz and Alex Gonzaga but wait WHERE IS MY HOLLY?????????

I decided to go inside the venue on the right side where the photo booth are place in…Im waiting for someone to ask where is Holly there a guy standing wearing a TV5 shirt.. sir can I ask something?? Sure? Is Eula Caballero gonna be here..The told me this: Yeah!! She’s the next artist to be called by Mr. fu she’s the main cast of her new TV series “THIRD EYE”
OH MY!!! Eula is approaching………

I run on the other side of the venue and stand near Eula’s crew watching her interview w/ Mr. Fu for her latest TV series..
After that Eula take a post w/ the cameras and fellow TV5 artist..

Tv5 Dj Leila chikadora interview Eula on the hallway to dressing room i guess..
Im so happy coz i see her dancing SUPER BASS i guess shes like crazy but there are a few people see her i think…

This is it… I’m strong enough to call her…
EULA!!!! EULA!!!! ME ARCHIES!!!! and pointing my hand to my #DA2014 shirt..OH GOSH!!! She LOOK at me and smiling im trembling coz i see her smile at me.. and wave a hand to me….
I hope EULA (Holly) remember the NANDITO AKO Days with my idol DAVID ARCHULETA   

I BEGIN to take a second chance i called her again and says..
HOLLY!! HOLLY!!! remember DAVID ARCHULETA “Josh Bradley” and pointing my hand to my shirt she look at me smiling…Can we have a picture pls…

OH MY GOD!!!! I heard her saying to the bouncer “Sir wait a second give me more time…
GOD!! Eula remembers me.. shes COMING!!!!!!

EULA: Hi…can we take a picture now 
ME: Oh My..Eula Thank You so much for this i look for you over the crowd..remember the Pinoy Archies during NANDITO AKO Days…
EULA: YEAH!! THE ARCHIES..she smile at me and we do shake hands (oh my tagal pa ng shake hands namin di ko napansin)

She look at me and say goodbye while waving her hand at me..
GOD i see the faces of the crowd at me they were like who is that guy talking to EULA???

I was like WOW!!! AMAZING I cant imagine that shes gonna walk towards me and shake hand with me..
WOW!!! Amazing EULA i know shes missing DAVID today i see it in her face..
Thats the greatest experience I gonna share to u guys…
If u want it..You can do it..just BEGIN for something dont be afraid..
I hope u guys meet Eula (Holly) our dearest Pinoy Archies girl..

START Today! BEGIN …… #DA2014

– Romel Tribiana

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