David on BEGIN. part 2, updates, etc.

David Archuleta @DavidArchie wearing Sole Service’s Nautical Highcuts in Navy Blue!

Photo credit: Sole Service

Full-page ad of David Archuleta’s BEGIN. in LDS Living, and a second listing on another page.

Photo credit: @Archugeezer

Happy Birthday Josh Bradley! This is a picture of @DavidArchie with the actor that played “young Josh” in Nandito Ako

Photo credit: @Kariontour

@davidarchie ‘s notes. i translate and he writes it down 🙂 hehehe 🙂

Photo credit: @anagfeleo

@iamRjFerrer Here’s page 2 of Josh’s character sketch @ayravillanueva

Photo credit: @MyDearWriter

omg!!! look what i found in my script bag!! @davidarchie ‘s sides! @kariontour i miss our boy!

Photo credit: @anagfeleo

The end of a fun project just arrived….!

Photo credit: Kurt Bestor on FB

Sorry I didn’t update y’all for a while since I was busy with other stuff. So I’m gonna try my very best to update Pinoy Archies as much as I can.

Salamat for understanding y’all! =)

Shad, one of the editors of Pinoy Archies

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