Buy BEGIN. at Odyssey

Archies worldwide! Here is something to quench our Archu-drought!

Save up for the much awaited release of BEGIN, David Archuleta’s upcoming album! Stay tuned Pinoy Archies for more deets!!

Here’s the official Tracklist from David’s website:

1 – Beautiful
2 – Somewhere Only We Know
3 – Everybody Hurts
4 – Don’t Give Up
5 – Angel
6 – Bridge Over Troubled Water
7 – Broken
8 – True Colors
9 – Pride (In The Name Of Love)
10 – Be Still My Soul

Credit: –!/photo.php?fbid=10150860189352143&set=a.392316222142.176499.273812647142&type=1&theater

Hey Archies! Buy the album BEGIN. by David Archuleta that is out soon from Odyssey! Its gonna be one of the best albums from David yet. 🙂 Even though he’s gone on his mission, the best thing we can do is to buy the album and support David for everything he has done for us for over the years since American Idol. We’re very happy to show our love and care for David during the years. So anyway, buy BEGIN by David Archuleta when it comes out y’all! 😀

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