How important is it to vote today?

We all know that “Forevermore” and “Gotta Be You” have both reigned for 2 days (that’s from Monday to Thursday) this week. Having said that, today ( Thursday, Philippine time) is a crucial voting period cause it will break the tie between the two videos. Whoever reigns tomorrow  will also take over MYX Hit Chart.

How you may help your busy friends…

We’ve heard of some who can’t vote the reason that they’ll be on a vacation or that they’re attending to their work. Now, here’s the great deal for you, guys:

You may want to share your e-adds and passwords to your friends, so they can vote on your behalf. (This has been going on here in the Philippines.) This may also be helpful to our international friends.

So, come on! Let’s all POWER VOTE! 🙂 —-> POLLS —-> Forevermore – David Archuleta

Note: Unverified e-mail adds’ votes are not counted. Thank you.

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