4 thoughts on “David Archuleta: Updates from Chile

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. David’s fans are missing him so much and we love to see and hear how he is doing. I know how very happy he is doing this beautiful work for his Father.

  2. Right. And know what? Remember history..David love God unceassingly, unconditional. In return God gave him throne and all one could imagine. And now, here this…our David Arch (angel? see?) left fame, fotune and all for his love of God. When he comes back 2 yrs from now The Glory of God will shower upon him and he will receive an enormous, unimaginable rewards from his Creator for choosing Him first before anything else. See the connection ? Spread the news. Give your personal comments. Thank you.

  3. When I wrote this beside my family, we all have chills….goosebumps all over our bodies. As if DA has been born to a real mission coming from God. As if what he is now has something with God’s plan for him. Isn’t it? We are all freaking out what would be the outcome when he returns….God never fails His promises. In His time it will be bountiful for DA.

  4. Who knows? When he returns David Arch will be the greatest singers one can imagine. This reward might be coming from His Creator for loving Him.

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