Important: Let’s Get Forevermore Back to Numero Uno


Hearts shattered as Forevermore slipped to the number two spot today on MYX Daily Top Ten. Many Archies were not able to sleep and eat. A lot also shed tears. We all know that this is not an exaggeration because our reactions were the same.

Here are two of those:


To get Forevermore back to the top, here are some tips:

1. If your friend is in area where internet is unavailable, ask for his/her e-mail address and password to vote on his/her behalf.

2. Create multiple e-mail adds that will correspond to multiple MYX accounts. (Only 1 vote per day is allocated for 1 account)

3. Be sure to verify your e-mail add. (A vote will NOT be counted if your e-mail address is not yet verified.)




Let’s work together for the love of Mr. Pogi, David Archuleta. Haha. Thank you.  God bless us all. 🙂


Note: The tweeters’ identities are kept confidential for privacy purposes.


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