Pics from BTS and on Nandito Ako

Pilipina Antonio @pinantonio “❤when I did David A. ❤”

BTS of Episode #21 Nandito Ako Week 5 | Do Not Give Up Josh Bradley I wonder what will happen in the next 4 episodes 😀

Photo credit: @kariontour

Wake Up Josh Bradley,Cheering For Nandito Ako 🙂 Here’s another BTS 🙂 Just because I love my NA WW family 🙂

Photo credit: @anagfeleo

Abangan ang mga mas kapanapanabik na huling linggo ng Nandito Ako sa TV5 🙂 #AnyaAllTheWay l Nandito Ako Week 5 🙂

Photo credit: Jasmine Curtis-Smith

@anagfeleo @jascurtissmith — here’s it is. – the answer to Anya’s “look”

Photo credit: @JoAnnBanaga

@jascurtissmith @anagfeleo The look of love! Ganda ng tingin ng ate kay kuya!

Photo credit: @JoAnnBanaga

@jascurtissmith – i like this look too. may pa touch touch pa ha — ganda mo teh!

Photo credit: @JoAnnBanaga

One thought on “Pics from BTS and on Nandito Ako

  1. Rather than focus on the glitter and glam, the celebrity, the usual shallow “look at me” syndromes we seem to gorge on hook line and sinker, why don’t you focus on the cause of much of the rise in cancer, specially among children, the reasons why this disease is up 1,000’s of a percent over what it was 50 years ago? Look deeper than the film, the bright lights and “awa” factors. The reason cancer is up among children is because its been DELIBERATLEY introduced into our environment. Through food, water, pharmaceuticals, things we touch and use. Hay Pinoy wala kayong respeto sa sarili niyo!!! Why don’t you do the research and make a film about that??

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