More photos David Archuleta – BENCH LAUNCH @ Trinoma

Celebrating its 25 years in the industry, Bench never fails to always surprise us with the latest trends and the freshest campaigns and concepts! Such is the evolution or rather, the revolution of the well loved Pinoy brand. Now for the latest, Bench officially launched David Archuleta as one of their endorsers for the brand and also for the professional hair care label Bench Fix last February 17, 2012 at the activity center of Trinoma.
The international singer’s face (endorsing Bench Fix Professional) was plastered all over the area!
…and digital! I’m sure someone died of heart attack when these slides of Archuleta’s photos was flashed on the screens (there was two by the way).
He sang “Nandito Ako” followed by his hit single “Touch My Hand.”
He also sang a medley while playing the piano followed by his first hit single, “Crush.” And much to the delight of his fans who requested for more, he sang his version of Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles.” The guy is eager to please I must say. That was his last time to perform in front of a crowd in our country before he goes back to America. Consider us (who was there) lucky!
Now I have a friend who might actually die upon seeing these photos of David (right Yan?) So here goes…
credit to  .

2 thoughts on “More photos David Archuleta – BENCH LAUNCH @ Trinoma

  1. Credits naman dyan. Don’t just copy other’s blog posts and act as if its your own. 😦 Sa Kuya ko to eh.

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