David’s Nandito Ako Experience

 From Manila Bulletin.com 

David Archuleta on discovering the joy and art of acting 

“I’m just looking forward to do more… It’s been so fun. I’m not the greatest actor, and this is a very new thing for me, but I can’t wait to keep going. It’s a lot of work; it takes a lot of people to make something like this happen. But this is something that I would love to keep working on. This is a great thing to share to people,” said Archuleta. 



From Interaksyon.com 

 David Archuleta says doing ‘Nandito Ako’ was life-changing experience

“But what really made it great was that I started to get out of my comfort zone, including trying more food and being more adventurous. Everyone was supportive and the TV5 management was just so easy to work with. (The experience) has made me more mature. This isn’t something that I would normally do but I was willing to take on the challenge. I just had time enough before I go on with missionary work for a couple of years. It’s been exciting and it just taught me a lot about myself as a person. It’s so weird because I didn’t expect that at all.”


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