Nandito Ako on Set

It is Day 3 of “Nandito Ako” shoot and this time, it will be different for David. This will be the very first time he will see the side streets of Manila on set location.

Mother and daughter in Reel life.

The whole crew started the day early by preparing for a whole day shoot at “Anya’s” house. This day on set, David was with co-actors Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Gelli De Belen. “Alladin”, Anya’s little brother was also on the set.

Guess who got splashed on set!
Rehearsing the script before rolling.

Fans here and abroad are already looking forward to watching David’s first acting stint. TV5 Princesses Jasmine and Eula also have the support of David’s fans. Eula explained on Twitter her hopes that she won’t be hated in real life, “Holly is a lil mean. Hope you guys won’t hate her in real life.”

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