[Guest Post] Follow Archuleta (Welcoming David back to the Philippines) by Wilson Eraldo

Wow! That was my first reaction when I got to know that there are about a hundred of Pinoy fans that will be going to the airport to welcome David. Actually it’s just a small number compared to thousands of David’s fans here in the Manila and over the ARCHIEpelago. J We head over to the airport at around 4:45 in the morning, through Archuleta Philippines organized Team Airport. We brought banners! We’re all so stoked!

After waiting for like an hour or so, we saw David’s two upcoming leading ladies, Jassmine and Eula coming from the VIP Lounge and went to the arrival section to welcome David and his team. When we saw that he went out from the arrivals area with the media people, we were like “ David! David! David! David!”  Some of them even shouted “Eula! Jassmine!” hahaha

What’s so nice about David is that he waves at the fans he even glanced at us whenever we shout his name. He went to the VIP lounge so that tv5 and some fans will get a chance to interview him. Tita Bess and Yayon were able to get VIP passes at the airport and got a video of David greeting all the Pinoy Archies! That was very lovely!

Archies acted accordingly and disciplined so it went smoothly until David reached his van. Pinoy fans were really happy to have him back again, and to think that he’s gonna be here for three weeks! Oh my, we gotta break our piggy banks! Haha

The vans dropped us at the Edsa-Shangrila Hotel, and we were like “why here?”. So I called Ate Lorma, the one who is in-charge of Team Airport and was told that it is really Edsa-Shangrila our drop off point, and David’s gonna have his Contract Signing and Press Conference there. We decided to go home because we don’t have invites for the events at the Hotel. Immediately after going home we got a call from Tita Bess that we just got invites that time and we need to be there by 1pm, we almost freaked out to think that we’re gonna be part of the Press Conference and even a short talk with David at a round Table. Thanks to TV5 for the invites! :)

The Press Conference has already started when we got in, we were assisted by Leng to the function hall. Press people asked a lot of questions and David was very enthusiastic, it was so cute when he mentioned Filipino dishes, he’ s saying it like “Tukwhat Babuy” and Pork Sisig. There was this question from the press about his talent fee and thought he heard “talent feed” and he said he’s thinking of Pork Sisig again. Haha

He talked about education, that it’s something that people can’t take away from you. Also what he’s gonna do after his mission, Music is what he’s planning to do for the rest of his life. Mr. Perci told that Batangas is one of the place that they’ll be shooting in. Archies in Batangas, represent! Haha

He sang a few lines from the song “NANDITO AKO” and the pressed was wowed, he said he’s been practicing the song his whole flight which shows he’s really into learning that tagalong song which will be the same title of the Mini-series.

Photo Credits to TV5 and Bannie Bravante.

*This is a Guest Blog post by Wilson Eraldo.

Source FollowArchuleta.ph

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