Just to clear things up.

David is NOT kissing anybody in the series. My photoset (the one about him kissing one of the leading ladies) was meant to be a joke. I’ve had a lot of people message me and ask me if it was true or not. Even Jasmine (one of the leading ladies) messaged me and said that she’s not kissing David nor is she allowed to do so. So please stop asking me about it and stop worrying about it. If you’re a true fan, you should know better that David won’t kiss a girl she just met ON camera.

So yeah just wanted to say that since I’ve been getting messages and although I love people messaging me, there seems to be a lot of confusion.

Hope this clears things up you guys 🙂


2 thoughts on “Just to clear things up.

  1. yeah.. true fans: let’s just don’t believe such rumors about that.. okay?? let’s all support David without making fusses which won’t make any sense at all.

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