Singing with David Archuleta! – “There’s Somethin ‘Bout love” – Isaiah Antonio

Isaiah Antonio Music

Singing “There’s Somethin’ ‘Bout Love” with David Archuleta in the hotel room! well.. he only sang a few lines even though i told him to sing with me. haha! but it was such an honor to be able to share my talent with him.

THANKS DAVID ARCHULETA! you’re an awesome singer, and now, even an actor! keep it up, and goodluck with your mini series! yeahhhh!

to everyone asking how i got to meet him, this is how:
my aunt Pin Antonio, is one of the best hairstylists here in the Philippines. (oh yeahhh). David Archuleta came here to the Philippines to have his own mini series called “Nandito Ako”. the Production people of the tv show chose our salon to do the hair and make up of David all throughout his stay here. so i took this opportunity to meet him and sing with him!

watch him act on his Filipino tv show- “Nandito Ako” on channel 5! its coming soon!

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One thought on “Singing with David Archuleta! – “There’s Somethin ‘Bout love” – Isaiah Antonio

  1. David Archuleta’s star will definitely shine for a long, long time ….. he is not only humble and down to earth who recognizes his fans and supporters so gratefully, but he is one of the few artists who has the desire to serve our Lord thru his God-given talents. God Bless You, Archie ….. and may you be mightily used by our Awesome God in whatever undertakings you do. We love you since your American Idol days and wish you all the best on your much awaited TV mini series NANDITO AKO on Channel 5 here in Manila.

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