Source: TV5 “Filipino Fans on Twitter welcome David Archuleta”

No doubt about it. The Filipino online community has the Archie fever.

As soon as the official announcement was made in Paparazzi last January 8, 2012, fans of David Archuleta couldn’t contain their excitement about his upcoming TV5 primetime series with homegrown talents Jasmine Curtis Smith and Eula Caballero.

But it wasn’t until the 21-year-old American Idol alumnus posted a vlog confirming his Philippine trip and tweeted “Taking off for the Philippines in just a bit!” on January 12 when the collective excitement intensified.

Fans have been sending their tweets of support to their idol: “@DavidArchie Excited to see you on local TV. :D ”, tweeted Aimee Evangelista (@heyitseme) and  “See you so very soon, David!” said the fan account Archuleta Philippines (@archuletaphils). Meanwhile, user @jAsZcaLLmejAsz (THAT’S ME!!!!) had this to say to TV5 Creative Entertainment Head Perci Intalan: “We, Pinoy Archies, owe our fangirl lives to you guys.”

Fans of Kapatid David Archuleta await his arrival at the airport early morning of January 13, 2012.


As fans continued their vigil both at the airport and on Twitter,  David’s upcoming co-stars also raved about the arrival of their newest Kapatid. “Welcome back to the Philippines @David Archie. We are all so happy about your decision to say YES to @TV5manila. Rest up!” tweeted Jasmine Curtis Smith (@jascurtissmith). While an amazed Eula Caballero (@oheulacaballero) shared “@DavidArchie and his manager are both so nice!:) And yes, the Archies were there too. A BUNCH OF THEM.”

#FollowArchuleta becomes the top 3rd trending topic on Twitter after his press conference at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel. Screenshot taken by fan @margO_16.(another PA admin, yahoo!)


Though this is only the beginning of yet another Philippine journey for David Archuleta, love and support for the pop star remains overwhelming. Or as the fan account Pinoy Archies (@PinoyArchie) succintly puts it, “All for David Archuleta!!!”

For more exclusive updates on David and his upcoming series entitled “Nandito Ako”, follow @TV5manila and visit the microsite or You can also participate in fan discussions on David’s latest activities by using this hashtag on Twitter: #FollowArchuleta

-we gave all the credits to TV5, our new archu-heroes!!














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