Made To Be Now Mention is a music blog is a blog dedicated to music fans where you can hear the latest news or fall in love with new music, and share the love for your artists! Look who is all over the blog today, and scroll down to see that Everything and More is featured!

In case you couldn´t watch David Archuleta´s Vietnam performance or if you just like to use any excuse to watch David sing, then this is your chance!

Take a look at some of the highlights of David‘s appearance at Vietnam in good quality.

Thanks to BlackHieuMckenzie for the footage!

And here is a list he also posted about which song is being played at which time… So smart:

0. 0:00 : Hello VietNam
1. 0:18 : Stomping the roses
2. 0:47 : The other side of down
3. 1:38 : A Little Too Not Over You
4. 2:13 : Something About Love
5. 3:30 : Everybody Wants To Rule The World (cover)
6. 4:23 : Touch My Hand
7. 5:23 : My Kind Of Perfect
8. 5:52 : Elevator
9. 6:46 : Mid shot ,asking audiences to sing along
10. 7:15 : A Thousand Miles (cover)
11. 7:57 : Falling Stars
12. 8:48 : Stand By Me
13. 10:14 : Everything and more
14. 10:30 : Zero Gravity
15. 11:04 : Crush

Now tell me: Did you enjoy this performance of David?



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