Hot 100 Random Archufacts


I swear you guys will LOL at this!

Here are a few of my favorite Random Archufacts:

#7 When David Archuleta looks in the mirror nothing appears. There can

never be a second David Archuleta.

#16 Contrary to popular belief, David Archuleta, not the box jellyfish of northern

Australia, is the most dangerous creature on earth. Within 3 seconds of

hearing his voice, a human female experiences the following symptoms:

fever, blurred vision, rash, sweating, and the sensation of being repeatedly

kicked through a car windshield.

#20 Teddy bears are threatening a strike because David Archuleta is getting more hugs than they are.

#32 It takes Rachel Ray 30 minutes to cook a meal. It takes David Archuleta

2.1 milliseconds to cook Rachel Ray into a thud burger.

#34 Rearranging the letters of David Archuleta spells A CLEAR DIVA: THUD!

#35 Unlike Luke Skywalker, David Archuleta doesn’t need to “use The Force.”

David Archuleta is The Force.

#36 David Archuleta once played tennis with a wall. David won.

#77 David Archuleta actually isn’t short; you only perceive him to be so

because your mind cannot handle that much awesome.


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