Ever wonder why David Archuleta has never been kissed?

David Archuleta has never been kissed. Kicking back on a couch at Hilton Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on Monday, the 21-year-old singer burst into spasms of childlike giggles when we asked him about girls.

“Fans have tried to kiss me,” he said coyly. “But they usually don’t succeed. I have quick reflexes. It’s okay if my grandma or my mum and sister kiss me on the cheek, but otherwise, it’s just weird.”

For young Archuleta, a kiss isn’t just a kiss. I feel that it’s very important and it’s not something you should just give away. I know sometimes people go like: ‘Oh, you’re cute, I’m gonna kiss you’, but for me, sharing a kiss means you care for someone, that you feel affection for them. I don’t wanna be giving it away like candy.

He added he has never been in a relationship. “I haven’t found that someone special yet and I’m still saving my first kiss for whoever that is.”

His single, My Kind Of Perfect, he said, epitomises his quest for the right girl.

It’s my perfect love song,” he shared with a twinkle in his eyes. “It’s for a future girl who I don’t know yet. I wrote that song while thinking about who is she going to be? Or have I already met her?”

The affable pop singer channeled his hopeful longing at his concert in Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur, the following night, bringing on that honeyed charm that so effectively lulled nearly 2,500 fans.

He looked completely immersed in a visceral calm as he sang the maple syrup-drenched verses of My Kind Of Perfect while playing the piano. “It’s my love song,” he told fans, his face shining with mirthful belief.

Maybe I’ve known you all my life / Is she the one? Is it today? / Will I turn the corner / see my future in a beautiful face, maybe, he sang.

Indeed, it was a sweet treat filled with sugary serenades for fans of the pop singer that night. No more was he the shy little boy we conversed with earlier.

Onstage, young Archuleta possessed the pomp and readiness of a much older performer, radiating surety and confidence all through the one-hour plus affair.

Archuleta, who emerged the runner-up on the hit reality series, American Idol, in 2008 kicked off the set with the catchy Stomping The Roses, brandishing the energetic opening with youthful enthusiasm.

If anything, the absence of fireworks and fancy costume changes meant that Archuleta had only one thing to rely on – his voice. He’d used it well, too, flaunting his signature vocal prowess on emotive, baby-smooth numbers that make you just want to smile.

He went on with the radio-friendly A Little Too Not Over You before breaking into an evocative cover of Tears for Fears’ Everybody Wants To Rule The World.

Archuleta may not have the rocking edge of Adam Lambert or the girlish sassiness of Carrie Underwood, but the baby-faced singer certainly has the talent and charisma to pull off his own show.

He ended the night with his hit single Crush, looking thoroughly ecstatic as he poured his heart out.

All credits to: Fiona Ho of  The Daily Chili

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