HCM Concert Review: Another Stellar HCMC Review about David Archuleta

Sao Vietnam paved the way for David Archuleta to shine
23/07/2011 07:25

The appearance of the “Little Prince” is cheers

He totally won over the audience by the casual style and sweet voice

In addition to showing off vocals, Asia, United American also play musical instruments

david archuleta
Many fans happy to be hugging leather idols of flesh

(VNA) – Last night (22 / 7) at Military Zone 7 Stadium night “Idol & Music” with the participation of runners 2008 American Music idol – David Archuleta was held . Eve has left a good impression with the audience by the simplicity and friendliness of the “son”.

Start the program is an expression of the artist from Vietnam: Ho Ngoc Ha, Ngo Thanh Van, Uyen Linh, Van Mai Huong, Noo Phuoc Thinh, Dong Nhi Bao Thy … The first part of this as a “paved the way” for the arrival of David Archuleta is so little audience interest and encouragement. It went by in a blurred and the impression remains in the audience.

Sao Vietnam paved the way for David Archuleta to shine

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Singer Ho Ngoc Ha

Around 9:15 when the lights flashed off, the LED screen text up David Archuleta, the stadiums away seven military regions, such as “explosive” appearance of “son” is quite simple with jeans, shirts T-shirt and brown jacket but it was enough to more than 10,000 spectators present at the show stood up shouting, dancing.

Before the show there are many skeptical comments about “heat” by David Archuleta was greatly reduced compared with the time he crowned American Idol runner-up three years ago, but the expression of baby David in chapter submitted yesterday said it all. Singing for more than 15 songs associated with his name like: A little too not over you, Angles, Stand by me, Crush … during 90 minutes of no little time to rest. David Archuleta has completely conquered the hearts Vietnamese audience.

Even when appearing on stage in the first song, David Archuleta has received the support of the audience because of the calm in his performing style. David with the band in a smooth and professional. While performing the songs David did not stop moving on stage two corners to communicate with the audience. Even sweaty because continuous singing live songs, David has proven that he has not been exhausted, even idol 9X also seems to fit than ever.

Sao Vietnam paved the way for David Archuleta to shine
The appearance of the “Little Prince” is cheers

David Archuleta has really turned into the stage where his monologue. Program no MC, no interpreters to communicate with the audience, just add the appearance of the band behind the help guys.

The conquest of David Archuleta audiences not only in his ability to perform but also in the simplicity and intimacy with the audience. Because of the friendliness of the BTC David Archuleta should have decided for his fans on stage flowers. Besides the flowers are directly donated to his idol, fans of David “baby” was happy to tears when hugging, kissing David Archuleta on the stage.

Sao Vietnam paved the way for David Archuleta to shine
He totally won over the audience by the casual style and sweet voice

Besides the bold vibrant songs David Archuleta, the audience is also settled that when he accompanied himself and sang a song about his mother which he composed. David shared his barely compose this song a few days ago to send a donation specifically for Asian audiences.

At the end of the program, while the performances of David drawn over, “son” even more to get warm feelings from the fans. Refusing to sit in the seats, fans rushed to close margin bulk stage to see their idol in a closer. Thousands of fans were singing the song Crush wine with him, cheering and making incessant waves waving.

A few pictures of the night:

After the night in Ho Chi Minh City, David Archuleta will be a day of rest before the conquest of thousands of spectators in Ha Giang Vo Exhibition Centre, Hanoi, at 7.24 here. Hopefully, the night in Hanoi, David Archuleta will conquer the audience by the simplicity and sincerity of her.

Source: VT.News and http://www.archuletafanscene.com

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