DavidArchie Fan Recap: MALAYSIA!

Malaysia by Ate Lorma

I haven’t even completed my recap yet of David’s visit in Manila and here I am writing my recap for Malaysia.

The Decision to go to Malaysia

I had my trip to Malaysia planned as soon as I found out that David was going there. I originally planned on going to Indonesia with Archiecrusher, but we decided to go to Malaysia instead.

This is probably one of the best decisions I have made this year. After seeing David everyday for 4 days in Manila (airport welcome and CD signing on 7/17, M&G and concert on 7/18, booksigning on 7/19, CD signing on 7/20), all I wanted was to see him again in concert before he goes back to the US. At the last minute, Naree decided to join us in Malaysia as well.

The Trip to Malaysia

Naree, Archiecrusher and I got to sit together on the plane. From the time we checked in at the airport to the time we boarded the plane, we couldn’t help but share our experiences the previous week and how crazy it was that we were on our way to Malaysia just to see David again – and all three of us have never been to Malaysia before. I will always remember my first trip to Malaysia as the day I watched David in concert for the second time :-)

We arrived in Malaysia at half past midnight on Tuesday morning. After an hour inside the airport, we were met outside by ShayeeA, one of the Malaysian Archies. Naree stayed with her. She generously offered to take Archiecrusher and I to our hotel. I didn’t know that the city was more than an hour away from the airport. We got to our hotel at a little past 2 AM. It should have been okay since the concert is not until 8 PM, but unfortunately for me, I was not able to move my conference call that morning at 6:30 AM (for work). So after a little over 3 hours of sleep, there I was sitting at the lobby in my PJs leading a conference call.

From VIP to VVIP

I only had a VIP ticket and since the show won’t start until 8 PM, I started to google some of the places I could visit during the day. Archiecrusher had a VVIP ticket and she was meeting with her Malaysian friends at the stadium at around 2 PM for the soundcheck. I was all set to go see the Twin Towers (Petronas) and do some shopping at the Central Market. Just before noon, I texted Naree to see what she and ShuyeeA had planned for the afternoon as I wasn’t sure what tickets they had. I found out that they also had VVIP tickets! In a split second, I called Sony Malaysia to find out if I could upgrade my VIP ticket to VVIP. The girl I talked to wasn’t sure if VVIP tickets were still available. She took my number at the hotel and told me she will call back. It was already 1 PM and I still have not heard back from Sony. It turned out they’ve been trying to call me but the hotel had trouble transferring the calls to our room. I called Sony and they told me to look for Ms Singh at the stadium. She might still have VVIP tickets that I could exchange my VIP ticket with – all I need was to pay for the difference. Archiecrusher and I left immediately and was at the the stadium by 3 PM (we were the first ones there!). I met with Ms Singh and got my VVIP along with the merchandise – a TOSOD ATE, tour shirt, poster, signed picture and of course, my soundcheck pass . . . Yahoo!!!

The Soundcheck That Was Not Meant To Be Watched

At around 4 PM, Archiecrusher and I went inside the stadium to use the bathroom. When we got out, we heard the band playing. We thought that the soundcheck for the VVIP was already about to start. We walked past the Sony people and the security guards. When we got to the bleachers, there were very few people inside so we thought not many VVIP fans have arrived yet for the soundcheck. No one paid attention to us. So we just sat in the bleachers and watched David and the band do their thing on the stage. David was eating. He could not stand in one place. At times he would sit, play a bit of the piano (MKOP, ATM), sing a few lines from a song and then just walk again. So the soundcheck has not yet started :)

When David started to sing some songs, I brought out my camera and recorded portions of the songs. Since we were so far away from the stage, I had to maximize the zoom which made some of the videos blurry and unsteady. Here are a few.

After about 30 minutes, Jeff walked by and was surpised to see us. He told us that the VVIP soundcheck will start at 5 PM and it was only 4:30. We were not supposed to be there yet (so that’s why there were very few people inside). He told us we could stay but he needed to talk to the people in charge of security since if we were able to get in easily, others could simply walk in as well.

The VVIP Soundcheck

Archiecrusher and I decided to go out and join the others in line for the VVIP soundcheck. At exactly 5 PM, we were back inside. We sat in the VVIP section right in front of the stage. David came out a few minutes later and was so charming in welcoming everyone. He told everyone that he will practice a few songs. He sang Love Don’t Hate and Touch My Hand:

When he and the band felt that everything sounded okay (of course they already practiced 5 songs earlier, ha ha), he asked the fans what other songs they would like him sing. He later decided on Crazy (which made everyone scream for joy) and quickly mentioned that it’s a song that is not included in his set. David being David, he made a disclaimer that he has not sang Crazy in a while. As all of us expected, it was crazy good.

The group asked him to sing another song. We told him to sing any of his favorite songs. He rambled about Adele’s Someone Like You and started to play a bit of it on the keyboard. Unfortunately, he was cutoff by the host who told everyone that it was already time for Q&A (bummer!).  The questions that were asked were collected from the fans earlier that afternoon and David picked the questions randomly from a box. David gamely answered the questions including the question-which-was-more-of-a-request “Can you sing Happy Birthday to me?” from a fan who had her birthday that day.

And then it was over.  Since Archiecrusher had a Meet & Greet with David after the soundcheck, I joined Naree and some awesome Malaysian Archie fans (ShuyeeA, Trace, and other Archuleta Avenue Malaysia fans) for dinner at the nearest mall . Knowing how bad traffic could be in KL at 6 PM, we took the monorail. After dinner, we decided to change to our Asian Tour 2011 shirts – the same shirts that were given out as part of the VVIP package. It was so awesome seeing so many of us wearing the Asian Tour shirt.

The Epic Concert

As you already know, I got my VVIP ticket 5 hours before the show. You probably thought I would be sitting in the last row to the far side  of the VVIP section.  But, NO. I got an amazing 3rd row seat to the right of the stage. Awesomeage! How lucky was I? :-)

I did not take any videos at the concert. I just wanted to watch and enjoy the voice and the performance which I knew would be epic since this was his last concert in Asia this year. And besides, I don’t take good videos and my camera is not up to the challenge. I tried to take a few pictures, though. (I’ll try to link videos from fans who were kind enough to take videos and share them on YT)

Stomping the Roses

Before the concert started, one of the Malaysian Archies distributed roses to fans sitting close to the stage. The plan was to throw the roses to the stage randomly when David comes out singing Stomping the Roses. Yes, I am one of the guilty ones that threw roses on the stage ;p At first I was hesitant to do it since there was security near my row who was closely watching the crowd. When David finally came out singing and dancing to the beat of STR, I did not care anymore and threw the rose. David literally stomped the roses the entire evening.

The Other Side of Down

I love watching David kick and do his awkward dance moves to this song. It almost made me want to kick and dance, too. Ha ha!

A Little Too Not Over You

David’s favorite song to sing during soundcheck :) I love how he easily hit those high notes.

Love Don’t Hate

New song! He also sang this during VVIP soundcheck but my video won’t upload in YT :( I noticed that there was a lot of space in the front and even if I already had a great view in the 3rd row, I wanted to watch David much closer and enjoy the awesomeness. So, I walked to the front and joined the beautiful girls singing and screaming for the Archuleta. No, I did not sing and scream but I did a lot of smiling and waving. Woohoo!

Something ‘Bout Love

Not many people like this song but I really like listening to it especially on the radio.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

I like how David is really into this song. I could see how much that song meant to him. My favorite part of the performance was how David rocked it out with Dave Wood. Wow, David is slowly unleashing his rockstar moves. I don’t know how to describe the moves I saw from David on this song but it made him look so confident and ah…’sexy’ (not in a naughty way).

My Kind of Perfect

Need I say anything more?!


David made the guys sing ‘high’ in a lower key. But the guys did not follow his lead and sang it on the original key. Ha ha, even David had to smile.

While Mark was showing off his skills on the keyboard after David introduced him, David suddenly broke into salsa. What?!? Ha ha, David you are full of surprises.

A Thousand Miles

David definitely missed his mom. Just one more night, David!

Falling Stars

For some reason, I couldn’t remember much of what happened when David sang this… maybe I got distracted by how beautiful he sang it :)

Touch My Hand

It was so cute how David tried to reach hands as he moved from one end of the stage to the other. One fan tried to reach him using a long stemmed rose and David willingly reached for the rose.

Stand By Me

There were definitely a lot of beautiful girls last night :-)

Everything and More

Why am I still breathing? I love the emotion this song and David’s singing evokes in me. I cried the first time I heard him sing this live in Manila. My heart and my whole body just melted.

Zero Gravity

Jump all you want David!




What a great surprise! I think David decided to add this to the set either just before the show or before he came out for encore.  It was so cute how David tried to tell the crowd to quiet down :)


Last song of the night. Awww, it went by so quickly. Then David was gone… But WAIT, I think Steven and the band felt the same way, they did not want end the show yet! Steven hit the drums like a mad man and he just went on and on and on and on. Mark, Ben and Dave just went on as well, smiling and waiting for Steven’s cue. Oh, I wish I recorded the entire thing. (I turned my camera off on the 3rd song after security told me to stop taking pictures). Then rockstar David came out, blew kisses to the crowd and before I knew it he was right there beside Steven hitting the drums like a mad man as well. Ha ha! Oh my heart ❤

After Steven got tired of hitting the drums, he stood up and threw the sticks to the crowd. Then he noticed the group in front of him had a banner asking for one of Steven’s drum sticks. He went to the back and I think he took the stick that David used and handed it to the group. It was so sweet of him. Then Mark and Ben started throwing shirts and other stuff to the crowd – copies of the setlist, David’s half-full mineral water bottle, etc…

What a fun night it was!

And before I forget, I noticed a few other things during the show while standing so close to the stage:

  • David’s cheeks seemed a bit sun burnt (just a little bit, see the picture below from Naree)
  • D has perfectly white teeth
  • D was not wearing a belt
  • Whenever David sings and plays the keyboard, the band gathers at the back of the drum set and sits on the floor, talking to each other until D is done
I met with Archiecrusher after the show and she introduced me to some of her OneDavidNet friends- Kim, Aisim, and Sharyane. We decided not to go home yet and have some drinks first at Hilton (where David and the band were staying) – not because we were stalking them, we just wanted to sit, talk about what just happened and prolong the great feeling of happiness and high we had after watching David’s concert. When Aisim turned on her car radio, we were pleasantly surprised to hear ‘Notice Me’ playing on FlyFM. Ha ha, so awesome!
The band came by shortly after we got in, but no David and no Jeff. At around 1 AM, we decided to call it a night. A few minutes after we got to our hotel, I received an SMS from Naree that David just arrived and took pictures with them. Waah! If only we waited a few more minutes. Apparently, he had dinner somewhere and just got back. It’s okay, the show itself was more than enough :)
Thank you, David! Going to Malaysia and upgrading my ticket to VVIP were among the best decisions I have made this year. So worth it!
Before I end this already very long recap, I’d like to share one of the speculations I heard that logically explains why David wore the same outfit to his shows in Manila, Vietnam and Malaysia. Maybe, just maybe, Sony is planning to release an Asian Tour DVD and they will put the best of the best shots of David’s show together from the different venues. This utterly made sense and I hope it’s true. :)

4 thoughts on “DavidArchie Fan Recap: MALAYSIA!

  1. WOW!
    Thanks by the way for sharing, just read the whole blog!
    LOVE IT!
    Tama po kung kelan aalis ka na doon pa siya dadating, yan din po ang nangyari sa akin nung paalis na siya dito tapos papunta na siya sa vietnam, hindi ko po kasi nahintay eh, LESSON LEARNED!


  2. WOW!
    Thanks by the way for sharing, just read the whole blog!
    LOVE IT!
    Tama po kung kelan aalis ka na doon pa siya dadating, yan din po ang nangyari sa akin nung paalis na siya dito tapos papunta na siya sa vietnam, hindi ko po kasi nahintay eh, LESSON LEARNED!


  3. Hi Lolo!!
    Just read your captivating recap of KL!! Thank you!!
    You and Naree must come again the next time he is here. And I am also inviting myself to go to Manila LOL!
    Yes I do hope Sony will come out with an Asian Tour dvd. Won’t that just be great in dissipating our present blues!
    Love to you and Naree and JR! 🙂

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