Poem: David Takes Asia by Storm

photo credit DavidArchuleta.com

“Well, as any true fan of David Archuleta already knows, he has been performing in Asia the last few days. And these performances have been epic. So far David has performed for insanely stoked fans in Jakarta, Indonesia and Manila, Philippines (editors note and now Vietnam) with so much intensity that I’m not sure how these fans are still functioning. Just watching on Ustream and YouTube is almost too much to handle. David’s performance of “Heaven” at his concert in Manila on Monday night is arguably his best performance ever. It definitely left me speechless and I was just watching a jumpy, glitchy Ustream broadcast. I can’t even imagine what it was like live. These fans were so blessed.

Now that my mind is finally returning to normal (I have avoided watching “Heaven” on YouTube so far today so that I could get other things accomplished) I have written an original piece of poetry to commemorate David’s epic visit to Asia. The form I chose to use this time is that of the limerick. I hope that you like it.”


David Takes Flight

There once was a young singer at Jive
Whose career it did sputter, not thrive.
So he left after three,
His idea to be Free,
His mission, his lifework to revive.

This young man he went home for to pray
For his life and his options to weigh.
As his fans wept and worried,
He took his time, was not hurried,
And he thought and he planned a new day.

Now this artist named David was sly,
With his band he would take to the sky.
Off to lands far from home,
He would ramble and roam,
He would rise; his critics to defy.

There once was a young man from Murray
Whose voice left his fans in a flurry.
To their hearts they were clinging
‘Cause “Heaven” he was singing
And their minds did go numb and blurry.

So in Asia young David took flight.
He has shown them his instincts were right.
He brought them his song,
And proved he’s still strong,
And his fans know his future is bright.


Thanks http://www.ArchuletaFanScene.com for sharing!

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