Lemper: New Found Culinary Treasure

UrbaniteAsia tweeted this photo with the message “Our boy” @DavidArchie new love Indonesian Lemper. Let’s see what Lemper looks like up close:

And from Wiki, we learn more about this new found “yum-yum” of David’s! If I read the tweets correctly, @SCpancake may have brought him some !
Lemper (sometimes lemper ayam) is an Indonesian dish made of sticky rice filled with chicken, fish or abon (meat floss). The meat fillings is rolled inside the rice, in a fashion similar to an egg roll; this is in turn rolled and wrapped inside a banana leaf or tinfoil to make a packet ready for serving. Lemper are most often seen as snacks, but may sometimes be served as appetizers as well.

That does look good! Feeling kinda hungry and would love to try it myself!

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