Yes, Virginia , there is still a wonderful and brilliant life after 50… and I’ve started to  believe in leprechaun way past the age of 50 and 2 years before I earn my dual citizenship ( a Filipino citizen and a senior citizen). I’ve chosen an unorthodox  road in life,  and I’ve named  this road the David Archuleta RD…  a road leading straight into the hearts of every David Archuleta fan.

At this point in time, I can state clearly that I have reached the apex of my life and subconsciously, have diversified my own focus in life. While my peers  are  preoccupied with gardening, ballroom dancing, posting photos of their grandchildren on Face Book,  a headset is tucked into my ears… tuned in to  Archuleta’s upbeat songs, swooning over his love songs and posting his photos and different “Archustuffs”on my own FB and twitter accounts.

Like a mother  eagerly glued on her child’s growth from (infancy, cooing , smiling and taking his first steps , toilet training, showing his antics as a toddler) I do  have my own moments of watching David grow in his career… giggling, laughing ,mesmerized  with everything little things he does.  With heads up, I can proudly say that I have been with him, though in spirit, during the developmental stage of his career especially during the humps and bumps of his life.

Yes, Virginia, our very own David has emerged out of his cocoon, has metamorphosed into a colorful being and has soared like an eagle. He has journeyed a lot, has taken giant leaps, has overcome humongous barriers, and  has been a triumphant fighter. From a naïve, shy , timid American idol he has developed a different aura of self – confidence , exudes an exuberant charm, magnifies his talent,  and has reached out to a very challenging world  His enigmatic appeal penetrates into the innermost core and the deepest depth of the soul of his eager beaver fans.  His music captures the sanity of his fans making them feel too surreal , feeling and fantasizing  that each word in his music is meant to be for each one of them.   His melodious voice makes the choir of angels sing and the gates of heaven open and can even melt the hearts of  even the toughest king.

If my family has become my top priority and fulfillment ; my profession , my passion and compassion and my spirituality , my commitment and strength.. I declare that being a David Archuleta Fan has become my ultimate obsession and compulsion.  This road encompasses all the demographics of life… be it old or young, being single or married , be it male and/or female, be it poor or rich. It does not know any boundaries and it intersects all sections of this world and society.

Welcome to  the David Archuleta Road, ARCHIES… Godspeed and have fun !

Dra. Bess de Guia MD

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