David Archuleta Launches New Website


David Archuleta has been hard at work ever since he got the boot on American Idol. But this year he is hoping to find himself between his concerts. Thus he relaunched his website with a new look and feel to help make that more possible.

David who released an album last year, has not had much time off and is now taking his time. Or at least that is what he told the Salt Lake Tribune about what he is doing. He said that he wants to find himself better musically before he makes a new album. He wants to be able to sing more emotionally “drive” songs than he has. Basically he wants to grow up and out of his former teen self that we all have seen for the past few years. He did not say when we should expect new stuff from him, but that he is working hard at becoming the singer he wants to be.

I think we all had to expect this at one point. Who he was when he was on Idol is not the same person. He is 20 now and yes, he also wants to be an actual serious singer. Sometimes I think that must be one of the hardest parts about starting out so young. It cannot be easy to break off from that person the media loves. At least we do get to see his new site and have something new involving him. Maybe one day he will make another video as well? That would at least help fill the Archuleta void for a while.



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