Win the David Archuleta Radio Request Contest and Meet David Archuleta

Want to see David but not quite sure how?  Then this is your chance to see David Archuleta up close and personal. Join the Radio Request Contest!

If you are from Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia you are invited to join. The contest is open to all the David Archuleta fans that are above 13 years old. Here are the details of the contest.

Radio Request contest

  • This contest is open to all David Archuleta fans aged 13 and above living in the countries where David will be performing on the Asian Tour.
  • Request David’s songs on your local radio station and stand to win an exclusive, private meet-and-greet with David with 5 of your friends, as well as VIP meet-and-greets!
  •  Call your local radio station to request a David song to be played, and at the same time do a shout-out on his upcoming concert in your city.
  • Record the DJ or yourself on radio promoting David’s upcoming concert, as well as a short snippet of David’s song being played; do not record the whole song.
  • Upload the audio recording onto the internet (for e.g. youtube).
  • Email with:

Your name;
Your email address;
Your phone number (country code + area code + local number);
Your nearest city (Jakarta, Manila, Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi, or Kuala Lumpur);
Name of your radio station;
Name of the DJ or radio show;
Date and time the song request was made; and
A link to the URL where the audio recording has been uploaded.

The song request must take place after July 3, 2011. Each person may submit only ONEentry. Multiple entries from the same person will be disqualified. All successful entries will be entered into a drawing for prizes and stand an equal chance of winning.

Note: Do not email over a file attachment of your audio recording. Any entry with a file attachment will be disqualified.

Contest closes July 13 at 11.59pm Manila / Kuala Lumpur time.

This contest is only open to fans aged 13 and above who are residents of Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Winners will be notified by email. All winners are responsible for their own accommodation and transport to the venue.


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