Music and Archuleta

First of all, I would want to confess that I am not a David Archuleta fan at all. Although I don’t deny the fact that his music is contagious and is easy to remember- THAT specific thing I would like to point out in a bit on this FIRST EVER blog I am going to write in this FAB FAB FAB site.

Music has been in my DNA passed from generations of singers and musicians to me and my other sibs. Yes, I am a singer in my own right and has also performed in front of hundreds of people. It is not easy. Trying to please the crowd or your listeners the best way you know how. And as a music-lover and listener to all-kinds-of -music, I can say your guy DAVID, nailed it, in every edge of THE MUSIC SHEET.

Whenever I would call a friend of mine, his ring-back tone, ‘Crush’, gets stuck for hours in my head after the call that I made and even if we didn’t have any conversations at all. That’s how his music affects a non-fan. Would like to point out too that I have unconsciously memorized some of the lines of his songs by constantly having to hear them from a totally-addicted fan. What I love about his songs is how it can relate to almost anyone under the sun. Be it an old guy or a girl trying to describe what love means and how it feels when it’s already there. It’s more of a roller coaster ride when it comes to his songs. A good one of course. Minus the headache and nausea that is.

I’m actually wishing to see him in person perform, in a concert. Mainly because that is how I assess an artist if he really is one. Only time can tell if that wish of mine will happen. Though I am pretty sure the outcome will be something worth smiling about. Until then Archies, SMILE!

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